A Couple of weeks ago we launched a new Bath & Shower Oil, Inner Strength.

Although I have created many blends over the years, this is the first one we have added to our range in 20 years. Why? you ask.

I have always felt with our nine oils we had sufficient blends to cater to most needs, but recently found there was a gap. I was going through a difficult time personally after needing to have my eye removed following the discovery of a cancerous tumour. I had just started a course of treatments to try and prevent the cancer spreading and found I needed something to help pull me out of what I can only describe as a ‘black hole’.

I needed something to give me a mental kick, boost me up and at the same time release the tension caused by the trauma I was undergoing. Illness can be a lonely place, even with the love and support of family and friends.

Since I have been blending oils for clients for over 30 years, I decided it was time to make one for myself, so I started mixing.

I ended up with ‘Inner Strength’, a blend of Clary Sage and Frankincense to lift my spirits, Rosemary and Cardamom to give physical strength, Geranium to balance, Vetivert and Camomile to calm and finally Rose, which to me, is a like a ‘hug in a bottle’.

I used the oil in the shower every morning and on my pulse points throughout the day- it worked for me! However, people in our office loved it too, so we have launched it for others going through traumatic times, to try too.

At the same time, we all wanted to help raise money and awareness of this new cutting-edge treatment I was having which is working to save my life. This amazing research is being done by an inspiring and dedicated team of doctors and researchers and I truly believe this will change the treatment of cancer in the future, replacing the aggressive chemotherapy which cannot be used to treat all types of cancer. You can read more about the foundation pioneering new cancer vaccine treatments on their website, www.defenceagainstcancer.com.

Since we launched the oil I am thrilled to say we have sold thousands of bottles. We are donating 10% of the revenue from every bottle towards the research so we feel we are already making a difference. 

Since telling my story to raise awareness and funds for this new treatment, I have received many letters and emails from people, I have not yet had the time to respond to them all, but I will, so if you happen to be reading this, a sincere thank you and I will be in contact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With best wishes for health and happiness,

Geraldine Howard

Aromatherapy Associates Co-Founder & President