NEW! Revive Body Brush

"'By stroking the brush towards the heart, it boosts lymphatic drainage and breaks down fatty deposits, improving skin tone." - Geraldine Howard

NEW! Revive Body Brush

Description Key Ingredients

Experience the intensely stimulating and toning power of our Body Brush, made with natural cactus sisal bristles to leave your skin looking bright, fresh and even.

THE MOST POPULAR BODY BRUSH in the market! From Miranda Kerr to Gwyneth Paltrow, dry body brushing is becoming a firm beauty routine favourite. A 2-minute moment with our brush will give your mind, body and skin the refreshing pick-me-up it needs.

“I’m really into dry brushing. It’s anamazing way to exfoliate your body. Youtake the dry brush and, starting at yourfeet and working up, sweep it all overyour body with light, firm strokes, alwaysbrushing toward your heart. I do it everynight before I get in the bath.” Gwyneth Paltrow

Key Benefits:

Promotes healthy skin circulation and removal of dead skin cells.

Directions for use

Before bathing or showering, dry brush gently all the way up the body towards the heart to stimulate circulation. Use either short or long strokes and cover whole body for maximum effect. Apply one of our Bath and Shower Oils and rinse with Body Wash. Keep away from water.

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